Apple Watch 6 features

This year’s big health feature could be what’s known as SPO2 tracking. This would allow the watch to measure your blood oxygen levels, like a pulse oximeter, and alert you if it dips below a certain threshold, according to 9to5Mac. This is good timing, because some doctors are recommending pulse oximeter devices to monitor COVID-19 symptoms, and people have begun purchasing pulse oximeters during the coronavirus pandemic. The April 30 leak corroborates this rumor as well… More here.

My experience with SP02 is varied depending on the tracker you use. My Garmin only ever gives 95% even when a pro monitor shows 98-99%. If Apple can crack this that would be a big boost (particularly with COVID-19 on everyone’s minds) and sleep tracking and a much better battery could put it over the top for many potential purchasers.

5 thoughts on “Apple Watch 6 features

  1. I think the issue is, SPO2 monitoring trashes battery. Just setting my garmin to “night time monitoring” halves the battery life (from 21 days to about 10days to be fair), suggesting it would be even worse for all day monitoring (How many people wear an apple watch to bed?). If that drops an “all day battery life” (2 when used gently) down to less than a day, without any gps/musi/cellular, thats going to make it useless.

    1. I’m thinking about a quick check if you are sick. I used it often on a Fitbit when I was sick just for peace of mind

    2. Sorry – about 15days (25% drop) for night time, down to less than 10 (50% drop) for all day monitoring

  2. Yes an adhoc one would make sense. Or something like it checks it automatically if your heart rate is erratic.

    1. You can do adhoc ones on most trackers already, just that it can be hard to trust them at times.

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