The best MP3 players

Yes, your smartphone is very smart indeed. But while it’s a great camera, a useful GPS, an excellent internet portal and a decent telephone, let’s face it: it’s almost certainly a rotten music player. Even if you discard the appalling headphones it came with, your phone still sounds weedy, or dull, or hazy. Sometimes, in extreme circumstances, all three… More here.

I guess there is an argument that devices like this are now only for specialists or those that cannot move forward. Or serious audiophiles.

Or if you ‘really’ like your music, check out the Astell & Kern SP2000 A&Ultima here.

3 thoughts on “The best MP3 players

  1. I remember how exotic and cool it looked to see a coworker use his phone as an MP3 player in 2006-2007.

    And sometimes, the sheer elegance of the my red iPad Nano (second gen) makes me nostalgic for an “‘all’ this device does is carry enough music that would previously required huge crates of tapes or CDs or LPs, and let me listen to it”. – no risk of distraction with all the other things an iPhone (or even iPod touch) can do.

    But, iPhone sounds good enough for me! I deeply love music but am by no means an audiophile…

    (And you know, it was the path from ripping all my CDs for use on my iPod that kept on the path of Apple smartphone loyalty… I didn’t do deep research but was never confident that the “smart playlists” (like based on ratings) would transfer to the Android solutions. And I’m too old to want to mess with Streaming.)

    1. They say that we have got used to poorer quality music with digital devices and replaced quality for loudness.

      1. I would put it less judgmentally: we’ve accepted (intellectual) detailed finesse of sound fidelity for (emotional) impact – either via volume or bass (I can look up to unbury some old links that support my takeaway that bass-heavy music kind of a form of energizing self-therapy…)

        I hold to the observation that the best sounding headphones are anything above mediocre in the store – because the potential buy is listening attentively, for a change…

        People forget what a miracle the Walkman was in the 80s… to be able to walk around (or sit, but among coworkers who might not like our music) in our self-curated musical landscape was a breakthrough…

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