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A lesson learned

I was on holiday recently and visited a vintage watch shop that I had been very impressed with. The range of stock is hugely impressive and diverse, and the owner is exactly what you would want from anyone who run such an establishment; friendly, knowledgable and easy to get on with.

All of this, however, led me to make a purchase that I already regret because I was taken by the moment and made a purchase based on the looks of the watch alone. The aesthetics grabbed me immediately and I didn’t even look at the brand as I haggled over the price.

The discount came without much effort and so I proceeded to make a holiday purchase because I was away from home, I had not seen the watch before and (excuse the pun) it spoke to me.

After some research I realised that it was likely overpriced, and potentially very overpriced to the point that I probably paid three times what I should have for it. I was swayed by the fact that many of the other known brands were priced roughly as I would expect, but this brand was obviously not and so I am still kicking myself.

It made me realise that I should not have bought the watch (obviously) at the price I did, that the shop in question was not what I thought it was and that I am still open to being swayed on an emotional level rather than a practical one. I feel stupid, don’t make the same mistake.

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