The Q Timex: some good, more bad

I wanted a Q Timex from the first moment I saw it and truth be told I wasn’t sure why.

I own a Tudor Black Bay which I love so I am used to having a decent watch on my wrist, and with that comes a certain lack of respect for the likes of Timex. Now, before you shout at your screen I don’t mean that how it sounds. What I mean is that there are few things you notice, and feel, when you wear a good quality watch and those things tend to be absent in lower priced offerings.

The Q Timex is priced fairly low in the wider watch world at £159, but some would say that it is priced high for a Timex. After wearing it for a day I am leaning towards the latter sentiment.

It feels like a Timex on the wrist and does lack any substantial presence which is noticeable if you own a few watches. And you don’t need to own luxury watches to feel this lack of presence because I own Seikos, vintage watches and even Citizens that offer a more substantial sense when worn. The shape, the weight and the dimensions tend to almost fall into the wrist which should be a positive, but in this case it almost feels like a cheap piece of plastic.

To round off the bad I have to say that the bracelet is awful. It looks good and stands out on this particular watch, but the taper is too extreme and the long talked about hair grabbing of the mesh is hard to ignore. I do not have hairy arms, but when the bracelet grabs it hurts so you have to wear it fairly tight to avoid this.

On to the good.

You already know the good. The colour combination, the shape, the history and the fact that quartz is presented as a positive here. It all works together and there is something special about the square case shape, but again it feels a little too shallow for my personal tastes. While I feel that my Black Bay is too deep, I feel that the Q is too shallow and something in between would likely work better for me. This is of course a personal preference and I am curious as to what you guys think, but for me it really is a case of good and bad with the bad sadly winning the race.

The hour markers look great, but the lume is not great at all. The hands don’t seem to suit the watch itself, especially the hour hand, and the date window is surprisingly hard to read despite its larger than average printing.

Even then I couldn’t stick to the good for long for which I apologies, but for me the Q Timex is not quite the watch I had hoped for and the hype does seem to outweigh the end experience. I realise that this is at odds with the vast majority of reviewers, but for some reason the Q Timex is not ticking the boxes I expected it to.

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