BERSIGAR Submariner Homage Watch Review

The actual listing for this watch is as follows, hold your breath- Men’s Waterproof Automatic Analog Watch- BERSIGAR Luxury Stainless Steel Bracelet Self Winding Watch with Transparent Case Back and 360° Ceramic Rotating Bezel.

Now, I wrote recently about homage watches and couldn’t think of any advantages-

“Even Rotary makes homage watches as do so many other brands and it’s all rather annoying and pointless if you ask me. Maybe I am going a bit over the top, but there is just something about homage watches that tick not one box I want ticked and which I believe will almost certainly always lead to disappointment for the buyer.”

And then a friend showed me his BERSIGAR watch and I was quite surprised. It is big at 43mm, but the depth of 13mm takes this away somewhat to leave a watch that sits around the wrist rather than atop it, like my Black Bay does.

It is of course hard to find more specific information about this watch due to its presumably Chinese origin, but it is automatic without hacking or hand winding and as such the movement is a bit of a mystery. It has 100m of water resistance which I have tested (in the shower and a swimming pool!) and so far no problems in this area.

The accuracy has not been too bad and without a timegrapher or hacking it is hard to judge, but this one has been running at between 5 and 7 seconds ahead of time per day which is OK for a watch that sells for south of £100.

Surprisingly, the lume glows all night in a subtle way that offers just what you need to check the time if you are of a certain age and wake up in the night. This is quite an important feature for me and very few budget watches succeed in this area.

The dial is clean and an obvious Submariner copy, but it is legible and easy to read in all conditions. The Hardlex crystal does not appear to have any AR coating which is a shame, but again I have not suffered any readability problems to date. Also, the bezel action is superb with literally no movement when set and it does look good being ceramic.

The only area that needs work is the date bubble which does magnify the small window, but it also distorts the view of the date most of the time which rather negates the idea of the bubble in the first place.

It is a comfortable watch which does not feel too heavy thanks to its larger diameter and substantial bracelet, but the clasp is very tight on this one and will take time to loosen up I suspect. Overall, however, it suits the watch and is more than comfortable.

If I ignore the homage nature of this watch I find it to be actually quite impressive. It’s big, it’s flat and it wears very well. It’s water resistant to the level you will need and the lume is great. That’s a lot of goodness for less than £100. Available here.

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