Beauty7 Vintage Leather Watch Strap Review

My Tudor Black Bay has been feeling more than a little top heavy recently and I am starting to notice the bulk more and more. This is especially true if I choose to wear the metal bracelet, or a jubilee bracelet, a little loose which is my preference. The end result is a heavy watch that bounces around and which is noticeable far too much of the time.

I love the watch, I really do, for so many different reasons from the symmetry to the accuracy to the overall aesthetic which is stunning from above. The problem is that it is very slabby from the side and far too deep for many people, and I am starting to become one of those people.

It is hard to believe that spending £10.99 could resolve a lot of the above problems, but it kind of has. This is not a case of simply purchasing a strap and finding the change to work because I own many straps and have tried natos, leather variants and rubber straps to no positive effect. They all do the job, but not in a way that minimises the bulk of the Black Bay.

And the the Beauty7 arrived with little expectation until it was installed. The quick release pins are of decent quality and of course made the installation simple, but it was the accuracy of the 22mm measurement that struck me first. No gaps at all and a perfect fit for my Black Bay, a good start.

On the wrist it felt just right which could be slightly fortunate because the holes fell to my exact wrist measurement meaning that the watch was held in place with no movement at all and in a way which offered no overt tightness.

The buckle is stylish in a non-dramatic way and again the quality of the metal and finishing offered extra reassurance to make me feel that it will hold my, what is still an expensive, watch in place securely. The holding loop is also well measured and does not slip, but it would be nice to see a raised part that would fully secure it in one of the holes. Finally the shape at the end of the strap is rather unique and adds a nice touch to what would otherwise look like a standard brown leather watch strap.

It could be the thickness of the strap which appears to match the Black Bay perfectly in terms of sideways looks or it could simply be the sheer quality of the leather, but this truly is a real surprise and one of the best watch straps I have bought to date. Available here.

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