TMPL™️: don’t bother looking inside

“Wear the age,” the brand concept of TMPL, tells that watches are not merely tools for checking the time, nor are they simply status symbols or means of self-expression. We believe that wearing a watch today gives the wearer knowledge about the path that the item known as a “watch” has travelled far through global history, while at the same time imparting value to the watch itself and pleasure to the wearer.

Our aim is to convey anew the essence of watch design to society. With outstanding modern-day quality and at reasonable prices, we exquisitely recreate outstanding watch designs that have contributed to society during their respective times, giving form to the value of these times for people throughout the world… More here.

OK, so I personally struggle with the notion of recreating a watch design from more than 100 years ago because it feels like a leap too far. However, quartz!?! Seriously, in a watch that is supposed to mimic vintage? Nope.

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