The Timex Weekender – the most watchy watch

The Timex Weekender is unique because it is so completely derivative. If you think of a basic watch, the Weekender likely comes to mind and this is what makes it so unbelievably cool. When you wear a Weekender, you are saying “I just need a watch and I don’t care what others think of me.” That’s cool.

Of all the watches I own, the Weekender is the most obvious at displaying the time. The pure face is decorated with a 24 hour arabic presentation, the red second hand stands out just a little and the hands are as clean as you could wish for. Within the case, it all comes together to produce the most minimalist of watches which retains a form which really is hard to match.

At only 38mm wide and 9mm deep, it does feel small when compared to most watches today, but it just about works on my 7.5 inch wrists. Unisex appeal is obvious here and in particular because Timex pushes a range of straps to be worn with it, and the simplicity of the design means that the entire look is changed in an instant.

Such simplicity makes the Weekender hard to criticise because it is an icon, but I wish that Timex would work on the loudness of the tick. No watch ticks as loudly as a Timex and my first conclusion can only be that the materials are cheap and are thus letting sound through, but much cheaper watches I have owned don’t tick anywhere near as loudly as the Weekender.

That really is my only complaint because the watch has worked perfectly over an extended period of time, and of course the INDIGLO® night-light makes it useful 24 hours a day. I could be picky and say that the light is very bright, which can cause you to wake up further than you may want too in the early hours, but that really would be being picky.

An icon that does everything it needs to well without ever daring to be exceptional. Then again, if it tried too hard, it wouldn’t be what it is.

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