The Galaxy has folded

When I first saw the Samsung Galaxy Fold, I was immediately reminded of the Homer Simpson Car. I show this clip to all of my human-computer interaction and user-centered design classes, because it’s a great way to show people the perils of letting users design your products… More here.

That’s a funny and apt article.

Especially since Samsung has had to issue the following statement since so many of the review units broke.

To be fair, it is possible that it is purely because of that protective cover, but I am not convinced of the durable nature of the product at this stage.

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  1. I was slightly tempted by the concept (though more leaning towards the hauwei). The idea of having a kindle sized thing that can fold up into my pocket was interesting.

    BUT – the prices are excessive. And following these reports (if you can, read all the twitter posts/photos/”that” video, etc, of the reviewers) it’s clear there’s too many 1st gen issues that aren’t worth the risk for me.

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