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Smartwatches are complementary to mechanical watches?

Morgan Stanley says smartwatches will continue to take market share from mechanical and quartz products as Apple, Samsung, Fossil and others develop their technology.

That’s unlikely to hurt Swatch Group’s many high-end brands such as Longines, Breguet, Blancpain or Jaquet Droz. But, with the Apple Watch priced at about 450 Swiss francs, it’s a threat to low-end products.
“From a structural standpoint, we have become incrementally more bearish throughout the year on the impact smartwatches will have on the Swiss watch industry,” Morgan Stanley says.

Ms Lupo says the threat from the smartwatch revolution is overplayed. “Smartwatches are complementary to mechanical watches,” she argues. “In our city you see people with one each of their wrists.”

It’s difficult to envisage many millennials going to those lengths. But Ariel Adams says smartwatches are playing an important role in getting young people “to think and wear watches”… More here.

I don’t believe for a minute that ‘smartwatches are complimentary to mechanical watches’ and that they can help the growth of the latter.

As much as I love mechanical watches, my gut tells me that the future is one of these products becoming more niche over time. And it’s quite possible that the most common setup will be no device on either wrist for most people.

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