£7 / month for a lot of mobile goodness


12 Month SIM only on 3, with feel at home, 600 minutes, 12GB of data and unlimited texts for £7 per month. via Jon Love.

That is an amazing price for that much data (includes cash back deal of course). Would you Americans and Canadians like to share your SIM only prices? These prices must seem crazily low to you guys and we do feel for you in this area.

1 thought on “£7 / month for a lot of mobile goodness

  1. That’s disgusting! We Canadians have some of the highest mobile prices in the world. Sure we have discount providers, but their coverage is usually city only, or they’re a branch of the large service providers and have a drop in features commensurate with the drop in price.

    £7 is about $12.35Cdn. My wife and I share a plan. For unlimited Canada wide calling, and consider that anything over about 100 miles was considered long distance, unlimited text, and shared 5GB of data, we pay $77.50 each. Ah, but there’s more. It costs us $5 each to add iPhone specifics such as voice mail on the phones. To be fair, we’re also paying off our phones for another few months, so that’s about $20 a month, so net $62.50 each before taxes. While many other countries show the price including taxes, ours are not. That’s because when the goods and services tax or GST (similar to VAT) was introduced, the government promised no hidden tax. So we tend to calculate what the tax will be on the fly and/or be shocked when the actual cost is more expensive than we thought. In Ontario, our total tax is 13% and includes the GST plus provincial sales tax. So our total bill is just over $70 a month excluding the phone discount.

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