QOTD: would you use a pencil on your iPhone?

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Definitely nervous about trying the plus size, if I end up not liking it. Almost want to experiment, like get a cheap(?) 6plus from somewhere when the 8 comes out, and use it for a few weeks. But if the plus size offered pencil support, or this time I could say “oh the plus camera is REALLY worth it now” – maybe. Kirk

In terms of Pencil, I use it all the time with my iPad. I don’t take notes on paper, and I sometimes find reading a document and writing on it in pen easier than doing so via a computer and keyboard — and I turn to my iPad and Pencil.

In face, I use the Pencil so much that I ended up buying a second one on eBay, so that I have one on my desk and one in my bag for use when travelling.

Yes, I sound like a fanboy, but the Pencil is streets ahead of a normal stylus on an iPad (and I know, because I used those for years too). It really is just like writing on paper, and my handwriting is almost good enough for GoodNote’s writing-to-text conversion to work most of the time. (It’s recognition is not perfect, but it is definitely good.) Neil

So, if Apple released a pencil that worked naturally with an iPhone, would you use it? If, for example, your words could be translated to digital text and if the process was so good that it could be used in many different app.

Personally, I would see this as a big advantage, but suspect that the process of making something like this work acceptably on a phone would be very difficult.

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  1. People made a lot of pointed (no pun intended) remarks about the Steve Jobs keynote line “Who wants a stylus? You have to get ’em, put ’em away, you lose ’em. Yuck! Nobody wants a stylus. So let’s not use a stylus.” when the Pencil came out.

    I don’t think that negativity applies to an optional accessory – in the sense of HAVING to use a stylus sucked – much better to have a hard surface your fingers can dance over vs a slightly mushy one that you have to press a stylus (or a fingernail) into

    But it does make me wonder what people would use to keep the Pencil around…. like maybe a case design would hold one? And/or if they would release a shorter version of the Pencil itself- but hopefully not one all weird and square and thin so it fits IN the phone (not too worried about that actually being the path they go down)

    As for text entry – I guess the question is something like writing “in place” on the screen, like it was a real notebook, vs something vaguely “graffiti” like where you write single characters in one part of the screen. They have versions of both of these now, I think, at least for iPad.

  2. Steve Jobs’ comments were made when the iPhone debuted. And for a small, it was small then, portable device, not needing a stylus was a breakthrough. And I agree. Having used a number of PalmOS devices, it’s much more convenient without a stylus. I can even write notes with my finger.

    But how often am I going to design something on my iPhone or use it to touch up a photo? Or even write a lengthy piece longhand? That’s where you get into tablets and that’s where you might want a stylus for accuracy. Plus, it’s surprising how different it feels using a finger to write versus a stylus. All those crayons, pencils, and pens sure embedded making the stylus feel more natural for writing. At least in my experience.

  3. I have only just started playing around with the pen on my Yoga Book. But initially more to use Sketchbook Pro, and I’ve played around with it a bit in class while plugged into the digital board as an extention of the normal board.

    Personally I love typing. I like how it’s all nice and neat, and you can easily change what you have written or move things about. I like the way things just kinda flow out of my finger tips. I’ve even gotten quite fast on the Halo keyboard on the Yoga Book, which was a bit frustrating when I first got it.

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