Kingsway: an RPG set in Windows 95


The latest announcement from Adult Swim Games is Kingsway coming to PC in summer 2017. The announcement trailer is run as an old-school infomercial for a new computer operating system, but it is absolutely a point-and-click RPG styled to look like Windows 95.

You can chose from a variety of different character types like any RPG, each of which has its own special skills. The game within Kingsway comes complete with quests and random enemy encounters that function as pop-ups on the fictional OS which allows you to customize the interface to suit your playstyle. And naturally, killing enemies, plundering dungeons, and completing quests grants you loot. The more difficult the challenge, the better the loot you get. Standard RPG right? More at Bleeding Cool.

Not an environment I ever wanted to see again, but I like the originality of the idea.

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