Does Anyone Still Care About the 12.9″ iPad Pro?


However, as time has gone on, we have gotten a 9.7″ version of the Pro that seems to have taken the spotlight off of the original device. We also can’t ignore the fact that iPad sales have been in continuous decline since before the 12.9″ Pro was released, and that we may soon have a new device with an in-between screen size. Has Apple lost interest in the original Pro, or is it possible that they think (or research is telling them) that it is just too big?

All that said, I’m wondering where the 12.9″ iPad Pro fits into the lineup now. I understand that it is a LARGE device and it obviously isn’t as portable as the 9.7″ Pro, especially when you put them both in cases. However, there really is something to be said for a mobile device with enough screen real estate to easily multitask on, or run Duet and turn it into a very usable secondary monitor. The big boy can handle some things that smaller iPads will struggle with… More at iPad Insight.

A good question. For me, the 12.9″ iPad always seemed to be too big to carry around for what it could do and not clever enough to be used only indoors. Creative aside, it doesn’t seem to have a place.

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  1. Seen someone use one in a meeting a couple of times recently, in a case, and it just seems….cumbersome and unwieldy. Maybe desk use is its best context? Which is kind of ironic given that tablets are essentially mobile devices.

  2. I got one because of my insatiable need for devices to stylus and doodle with. It’s parked on my nightstand, good for a daily bout of “Draw Something”, and the occasional one off art project, and that’s about it. Actually, it’s almost too big as a doodler, at the scale I tend to work on.

    Even the “medium” sized iPad seems too big for a commuter reader. (Maybe if my eyes go in the next decade or so I’ll change my mind) Really hoping for Pencil support in the mini formfactor.

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