Sinclair ZX Vega+ funding campaign halted


Crowdfunding platform Indiegogo intervened to stop a handheld retro computer console campaign from acquiring further funding, the BBC has learned.

The Spectrum ZX Vega+, backed by Sir Clive Sinclair, had achieved its original crowdfunding target.

But then Indiegogo halted further fundraising because of delivery delays and a lack of communication to backers.

The project’s organisers had asked the BBC not to reveal the development.

The BBC understands no consoles have been delivered to backers, despite a pledge last month that they would “ship after 20 Feb 2017″… More at The BBC.

The Gemini PDA has currently got $436,182 of funding. Yes, this one.

1 thought on “Sinclair ZX Vega+ funding campaign halted

  1. After seeing this video I kinda got this sinking feeling that though the idea seemed like a nice one, I couldn’t see it happening. I got the feeling that all they really had was an empty shell that reminded us fondly of the Psion. To many “we’re going to, thinking about” etc. to convince me. Had he turned it on and shown something I may have felt more inspired!

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