Amazon Releases Audio Recordings From Echo Device


In December, Amazon pushed back after investigators requested a search warrant to release the audio recordings, saying “Amazon will not release customer information without a valid and binding legal demand properly served on us.” On Feb. 17, the company filed a motion to quash the search warrant.

However, Amazon’s motion is now moot after the defendant in the homicide investigation, James Andrew Bates, 31, agreed to release the recordings to the state of Arkansas. Bates’ attorneys said he agreed to release the recordings because “he is innocent of all charges in the matter.” More at 5 News.

This alone will obviously not change the law, but it is interesting to consider where the recordings could go and why. Perhaps they can prove innocence in some cases (unlikely for most) or perhaps they can prove guilt, but without a law to force the handing over of the recordings there is, at this time, nothing to see here.

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