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Gemini PDA: the most exciting mobile product I have seen in 10 years


The folks at UK-based Planet Computers want to bring back the idea of a small, clamshell computer. And they’ve partnered with the designer of the classic Psion Series 5 to do it.

The Gemini is basically a tiny laptop featuring a 5.7 inch display, a QWERTY keyboard, and modern specs. It’s designed to run Android, but there’s also a dual-boot Linux option.

Planet Computer hopes to start shipping the first Gemini units in November, and the company is running an Indieogogo campaign in hopes of raising $200,000 for the project… More at Liliputing.

I am biased to say the least when it comes to a device like this, but look at the video below and see what you think.

The fact that the Psion 5 designers are involved is a huge plus and the heritage is shown by the clever way the hinge holds up the screen when on a flat surface. The huge battery life, Linux and Android dual-boot OS and keyboard design suggest to me that it could be a product that more than a few people will want.

Some will see it as a niche product, but I believe that niche will be big enough to get things up and running and then who knows what will follow. I have wanted a product like this ever since I had to give up my Psion PDAs, and they have have my money now.

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