Gemini PDA: the most exciting mobile product I have seen in 10 years


The folks at UK-based Planet Computers want to bring back the idea of a small, clamshell computer. And they’ve partnered with the designer of the classic Psion Series 5 to do it.

The Gemini is basically a tiny laptop featuring a 5.7 inch display, a QWERTY keyboard, and modern specs. It’s designed to run Android, but there’s also a dual-boot Linux option.

Planet Computer hopes to start shipping the first Gemini units in November, and the company is running an Indieogogo campaign in hopes of raising $200,000 for the project… More at Liliputing.

I am biased to say the least when it comes to a device like this, but look at the video below and see what you think.

The fact that the Psion 5 designers are involved is a huge plus and the heritage is shown by the clever way the hinge holds up the screen when on a flat surface. The huge battery life, Linux and Android dual-boot OS and keyboard design suggest to me that it could be a product that more than a few people will want.

Some will see it as a niche product, but I believe that niche will be big enough to get things up and running and then who knows what will follow. I have wanted a product like this ever since I had to give up my Psion PDAs, and they have have my money now.

12 thoughts on “Gemini PDA: the most exciting mobile product I have seen in 10 years

  1. Hmmm, I’m not sure, but I like the idea.

  2. I agree with Tom. Will it work? Of course, it will. In fact, I used to have a ‘case’ for one of my Galaxy S (4?) phones which had a slide out case.
    Will it sell? I am not entirely sure. As a phone, it only offers functionality when open, apart from perhaps making and taking calls. This will be its downfall. If they followed a ‘Nokia communicator’ model, where you have some functionality with the device open, it would have faired a lot better.
    All in all, I am happy that people are looking at this approach again. I have been a big fan of keyboards on phones and this will only enhance the case of the Blackberry KeyOne.

    1. Thing is that I wouldn’t call it a phone. It is a PDA with 4G for data mainly. Wireless headphones would do for calls, but I see what you mean- people may struggle to cope with not being able to see notifications in an instant.

      1. Indeed. Sadly we are too hooked to that design at the moment, and have ultrabooks/tablets for everything else.

        1. Then again. What if this can be used for real work and what if it is more practical than a tablet for writing, spreadsheet, work etc etc? It could compliment a phone as the hotspot.

          1. That is the trick though, isn’t it. How useful do they actually make it? Will it run Android and be a phone? Will it run Linux and actually let you do stuff. Will it let me update my spreadsheets and presentations on the fly, and sync them via Dropbox/GoogleDrive/One Drive?
            If it ticks all these boxes, and better than say a KEYone, it’ll be awesome. At $350, it definitely is at the right price point 🙂

          2. Well. It runs both OS so in theory does both. Not convinced it will sell very well, but could find many fans.

          3. Cult following could easily happen. 10 years ago I would already have paid for one. Now I am not as patient.

          4. Just realised something in that it is not a Psion. Maybe the Android or Linux OS’s will make it feel like any other device and not a true organiser/companion?

          5. Hmm. That too.

  3. This would basically replace my phone and Yoga Book I suppose. It’s a communication device, I don’t use my phone as a phone much. My Yoga Book replaces my laptop in a lot of ways, but basically it’s great for watching movies and stuff. But this, could be a nice combination of both, yet portable. At school I actually connect my Yoga Book to a digital whiteboard, if this could do that I’d be set! (I wonder if they could make the keyboard backlit, I’d be extra set!)

  4. I don’t use a Bluetooth earpiece but this plus an ear piece would be awesome for travelling – it would do 90% of what you need.

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