The GPD Pocket: too small and hard to believe?

Most successful businessman own a Macbook or Surface.Because they have fashionable appearance and also light and thin, but the drawback is not easily moved.We believe that the future notebook will thin,but also small.
GDP Pocket is such a product, it’s not only has luxuriant appearance like Macbook, but also super light and very small, It can take away at any time like a mobile phone in your pocket… More at Indiegogo.

The GPD Pocket has done well on Indiegogo so far, but I’m far from convinced. I fail to see how Windows can work on such a small device, there is no actual video of the device working which is unusual for a product being release within 4 months and it just doesn’t feel right.

I admit to be sceptical anyway with this method of funding, but I can’t see the benefits or the reality in this product at all.

2 thoughts on “The GPD Pocket: too small and hard to believe?

  1. I absolutely love small and practical… and not so practical considering I’ve Just bought a Lenovo Yoga Book. I’ve seen this sales pitch before, many years ago, and it looks like something from many years ago! When is someone going to give us the Psion 5 keyboard back?

  2. It’s often not the screen size, but the keyboard that limits real productivity.

    As for the funding method, there’s a lot of trust involved. One must expect delays and be patient. It always takes longer to do something the first time than the original estimate. But prototypes are essential to show that something could really exist. And yes, many of these crowdfunded products fail. On the other hand, some succeed and exceed expectations.

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