Trailers for 11 Nintendo Switch games


We’ve collected the trailers for all of the games below. There are still many details to be filled in before the Nintendo Switch launches on March 3rd — notably, only a few launch games appear on this list. So expect to see more trailers and announcements in the coming weeks… More at The Verge.

I do hope Nintendo does well with the Switch, but it’s amazing how hard success in the gaming industry is to predict.

One thought on “Trailers for 11 Nintendo Switch games

  1. Mario in a real looking environment is so intriguing.

    Makes me wonder about my dream game “Photorealistic Katamari Damacy” – based on

    But man, I’m sad that I’m not making the time to play through games anymore, because while it’s arguably not the best spending of time, it’s rewarding in its own way, and satisfying. But I have a Star Fox game, DOOM, and Mario Maker all waiting for me.

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