I don’t really know what to say about 2016, a year which has already been written off as one of the worst ever for many people. I guess the only thing I can do is write about how it has affected me, but it is true to say that I am very much looking forward to 2017 and am hoping that what happened in the past year does not spill over to make things worse.

Famous people

For a long time I have worried that Terry Wogan and Leonard Cohen would one day die and of course 2016 was the year to take them. I didn’t expect Prince to go, not for one minute. In the grand scheme of things, it should not be important to me, but they were influential and I greatly enjoyed the results of their work. Mr Cohen, in particular, shaped much of what I do today and I will miss his words and he unique way of looking at people and the world. And then there was Bowie and so many others who succumbed, adding a dire celebrity veneer to a terrible 12 months.


A disaster of course to people like me who work and live in decent areas. We moaned and moaned about the stupidity of so many people voting to leave the EU, we called some of them racist, we accused the older generation of stealing the futures of the young and to this day nothing has actually changed. I really cannot see a hard Brexit happening and believe that Mrs May is just stalling with a tough voice.

The thing is that many of us didn’t stop to think why so many voted for Brexit. We didn’t stop to ask what their lives were like and why so many of our population see no hope in the current system. I am sure that if I was in their position, I would have voted to leave. The fact that they have only given more power to the people who do not care for them in any way is not important, they lacked hope and that is always dangerous when it comes to rational political decisions.


Oh my. This is sort of like Brexit, but even more bizarre. It is obvious that he lies and then lies about lying, but so many people are happy to follow what he says because they have no hope otherwise. At what point do we realise that there are millions of Americans with so little that they are happy to elect someone so flawed to the highest office in the land?

There may be more to the Trump victory of course. The racist undertones that have bubbled under the surface in the US for so long, those who know nothing about the outside world and those who see the current establishment as corrupt, which in many way it probably is.

Unlike Brexit, I cannot for one moment understand how Trump because president, but it should act as an eye-opener for what is wrong in the world in 2016, and likely beyond.

And most importantly…

My father died this year and that is of course the single most important moment for me. I thought I was coming to terms with it until we went to the shops last week to finish up the Christmas shopping. The Christmas music that played in each shop struck me subconsciously and made me think of my Dad every single time. Small tears formed and I haven’t been able to hide them when Christmas music plays.

I guess it shows that you are aware that someone has gone even if you do not think about them every day. Something is missing and 2016 took that away. Just maybe 2017 will help me heal and things will start to look up for everyone else. Maybe…

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