4 thoughts on “eBook vs physical book

  1. When it comes to novels, it’s my iPad Mini all the way. I tried reading a paperback a few times over the last year and found it uncomfortable, relatively speaking. Another advantage is that I use white text on a black background, which is easier on my eyes when I’m in bed reading.

  2. I’ve been an ereader since the Palm days. When I first came to Spain, English books were hard to come by where I live. I also had to leave hundreds of books behind in NZ because they were just too many to take with me. The same happened when I moved from other countries to country. The ebook is ideal for one who moves a lot. Nowadays, I use it on my phone with an HD 5.5″ screen using an app called Midnight if I want to read at night and control the blue tinge and the brightness of the screen better. I have hundreds of books, many waiting to be read! I love being able to read anywhere and everywhere. I don’t mind the screen size, the brightness I can control and the blacks and whites on my screen are just fine. I live ebooks, and have for many years already! (but hey, each to their own!)

    1. I tried using my Palm and then my iPhone as an eReader but the screen was too small. If I made the letters large enough to read comfortably, there wasn’t that much on a page. I switched when I got my first iPad. Much easier with the iPad Mini. And I would imagine with a 5.5″ screen as well. Interesting that the iPad Mini screen is about the size of a standard paperback page.

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