Seiko SRP775K1 thoughts

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I recently picked up the attractively named Seiko SRP775K1 for review which is one of the most traditional watches that Seiko makes. It is a remake of the classic Seiko 6309 and also one of the most accurate remakes I have seen in recent times. There is no doubt that this watch is inspired by the 6309 and at a quick glance, someone who knows the original may think this is a mint condition classic from the 1970’s.

For me, this may become the watch I wear for some time to come (said that before) for a variety of reasons. It is of course mechanical and includes a 4r36 automatic movement which some say offers almost complete accuracy on a weekly basis (2-5 seconds out per week). My experience so far is 2-3 seconds a day, but for any mechanical that is still extremely impressive.

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It looks fantastic with some beautiful gilt touches and a classic 1970’s diver’s form, but it does wear small. Despite this actually being a big watch, the cushion casing, which is beautifully finished and polished in specific areas to add to the cushion effect, and short lugs make it sit slim on my 7.5″ wrists. This is not a problem as such because this means that it will fit most people, but I am used to a much bigger watch and it is taking some adjustment to get used to a slimmer watch. The main advantage of the size is that it works as a dress watch under sleeves and is also ‘toolwatch’ enough to suit a more casual look.

The watch does wear heavy on the top, but if you have the strap sized correctly (never easy with the silly strap mechanism Seiko uses), this will not be noticeable.

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Visually, as I said, it is stunning and everything from the date window to the hands are classic Seiko in every way, but with a sense of luxury throughout. The chapter ring is very slightly out of line, a common Seiko problem in recent times, but aside from that the lume, accuracy and everything else is a joy.

Few watches suit every occasion and offer as much functionality for the price and so I would recommend it for anyone who is looking for a traditionally made watch which benefits from a modern movement.

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