Make your car Bluetooth-enabled for £1



Popped in to Tesco yesterday to get some Halloween nonsense for my daughter who is obsessed by it and while I was there I noticed a Mitec Essentials Wireless Car Kit for £1 (normally £30!). Yes, it is currently reduced to £1 and so I picked it up. I could not see what exactly was in the box, but I thought I could risk £1 on it, especially since £1 is worth much less than £1 these days.

So I got home and thought I would see what was in the package before I got out of the car, conscious of the frozen mixed berries in the bag that my wife needed which needed to stay frozen I guess.

And within 1 minute I had Bluetooth working perfectly in my car.


I was concerned that the Bluetooth accessory needed power from the car, but I needn’t have worried because there is a USB port in the top of the car power plug so I could still power my iPhone as normal. I checked and it works fine.

The next step was to remove my aux lead and then plug in the one that is attached to the Mitec into the car aux port.


And finally, I navigated to Bluetooth settings on my iPhone and the Mitec was available. I tapped it and it was connected.

Podcasts play perfectly and so does music, and there is also a useful circular thingy you can stick on the dashboard (stickies included) to deal with calls and volume.

I didn’t expect it to work so well, but it really does and for the money (if you have a Tesco near you), it is an incredible bargain.

And the frozen berries stayed frozen.


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