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Spotify not coming to Apple TV anytime soon


A conversation thread on Github between a few developers and Spotify project leader Samuel Erdtman has confirmed that the streaming music company isn’t looking into developing an app for Apple’s fourth-generation Apple TV “anytime soon” (via AppAdvice).

In the thread, which began as a feature request for the Spotify SDK to support tvOS, Erdtman eventually closed out the comments saying that building support for Spotify on Apple TV has been “down prioritized.” That might not be an official confirmation that Spotify will never arrive on Apple’s set-top box, but Erdtman’s wording hints that it’s far from Spotify’s top priority at the moment… More at MacRumors.

I would like to say that this is a tricky situation, but I’m not convinced by either side of the argument here.

I won’t buy a fourth generation Apple TV because Amazon Video is not on it and this is because neither side will back down. Arguably, Amazon’s offering is better than Apple’s and Netflix is great value for money, but it feels as though Apple is doing all it can to keep revenues up on its media arm without actually competing well with the competition.

Rivals like Amazon, Netflix and even Google are improving all of the time whereas Apple doesn’t seem to be moving much at all. Maybe it is time to remember that it is a hardware company first and foremost and to lock down future sales by giving Apple users access to all of the services they want to use?

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