Ad blocking growing further

The researchers behind it project an even more pronounced spike next year — up to nearly 300 million total users — given the growing pool of people with internet access in emerging countries.

“If U.S. advertisers don’t try to address user experience, they can potentially see another 20 million people added to the ad blocking pool based on similar rates we’ve seen in other countries,” said Becky Tasker, Adobe’s managing analyst for digital insights.

The team arrived at that number through an extensive survey given to more than 1,000 consumers as well as proprietary data tracked by PageFair’s software… More at MashableUK.

This is an issue that is going to grow over time and one which divides people depending on which side of the web they sit.

I’m not convinced by the idea that addressing the user experience will help though because people tend to ad block by default which encompasses every site they visit.

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