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22nd January 2016

This week I commented on the death of Leslie Nielsen with a tweet, and so did thousands of other people. The fact that he died 5 years ago did not stop so many of us airing our feelings because it was in the ‘most read’ section of the BBC site and we all read it as though it had just happened. It highlights how we often take things as real without thinking because we are so used to grabbing snippets of information from the web or social networks and moving on to the next thing, but no matter what happened it’s nice that Mr Nielsen managed to give us one last laugh so long after his death. More at the BBC.

Keith Moon was capable of drawing all of the attention to him when he performed with The Who, but he has nothing on the drummer in this video. You need to watch the whole thing to get the context, but it really did make me smile and appreciate how much he is enjoying what he is doing, no matter how out of place he looks.

“So I signed up to be one of Media Insider (a.k.a. Symphony)’s “insiders”. Turns out they’ll accept anyone. They just make you fill out a form that asks you things like your name, age, income, address, phone number, how many people live in your household, their ages and names, and what kind of TV services you use…” And so the story goes on at Daring Fireball. It highlights just how far some apps and online services go to grab your information, which is more valuable than money for many organisations.

Got a spare 53 minutes? If so, a new article at The Medium entitled How Zano Raised Millions on Kickstarter and Left Most Backers with Nothing will be a worthy read. Personally, I have stopped backing anything on Kickstarter because of tales like this which is a shame because the idea of developing products this way is fantastic.

Why Are Corporations Hoarding Trillions? A very good question posed at the New York Times and one which is answered well. “This strange vogue for corporate hoarding seems to have begun around the turn of the millennium. General Motors is perhaps the most extreme: It now holds nearly half its value in cash. Apple holds more than a third. These numbers are maddening on their face. If the companies spent their savings, rather than hoarding them, the economy would instantly grow, and we would most likely see more jobs with better pay…”

Patreon has become a fashionable way for websites and online services to try to make the funds required to keep things running, but it seems that Touch Arcade has run into problems with the service. You can read the full story at Kotaku, but it does make me wonder that if popular sites like this struggle, what chance do the rest of the smaller sites have?

Do you use the Facebook app? Don’t. I removed it months ago and have enjoyed much better battery life as a result and the site works just as well in a standard browser window on my iPhone. The same seems to be true on Android, as detailed by Android Central.

Would you like to see your body from top to bottom, in 14 seconds? Yes of course you would and you can do so here. It’s kind of freaky to watch, but also fascinating at the same time.

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