Where did Apple’s decent support go?

My son’s iPhone 6 is clicking below the screen which means that the whole front panel moves when pressed. As you can imagine we want this fixed and so I tried to set up a genius bar appointment online- nothing. Every store I tried showed no appointments available at all which was quite strange.

I called Apple and was advised that there were no available appointments in any store anywhere near me and that I would have to send it in. I could pay $29 for a quicker turnaround, but would still be looking at 7-9 days without the phone. I explained that I would rather not do this and that the warranty runs out on 18th September, was bought on launch day, but the response I received was far from the usual Apple-helpful. With almost zero emotion I was advised that this was my option and that was that.

Now, some argue that you pay a premium for Apple products because you just know that there will be good support when you need it, and I have always received good support, but this situation is the first that has been negative for me.

Is Apple not employing enough people to deal with problems?

Are users deliberately smashing their AppleCare+ covered iPhones so that they can get a new one to sell when they get an iPhone 6s? Is this causing the lack of appointments?

Either way, I am not particularly happy at the lack of availability and the general attitude that was given over the phone so my next step is to go to an Apple store anyway at the weekend and push to get it fixed or replaced there and then. Will see what happens- I am not leaving until it is fixed.

UPDATE: I managed to find some appointments quite some distance away and a call to Apple support today regarding iCloud pricing could not have been more polite and professional. It’s a difficult one this, maybe it was just a blip? Time will tell I guess.

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