Apple Pay: it just works

After picking out some meat, vegetables, and beer, I headed to the checkout line. Worst case, I could do without the alcohol if I went over my cash on-hand.

Of course… I’m also the kind of person who likes to experiment with new technology. And, since I had my iPhone in my pocket, I decided to see what Apple Pay would do with a cancelled credit card.

I held my phone up to the reader and… it worked flawlessly.

At that point, I figured I was just in a lull between the main account closing and the changes propagating to the Apple Pay device account. I had only made the transaction about five minutes after the card was cancelled, after all. Either way, the payment hadn’t been declined and I had my beer. Woo-hoo!

The above story from iMore highlights the care and attention that has been put in to the Apple Pay system, one which appears to be working flawlessly for most people.

I have written about my problems with Apple Music and iCloud a lot recently, but I have to say that Apple Pay has become my default debit card over the past couple of weeks and I am extremely impressed with the way it works. 

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