The BBC is vital

You’ve probably noticed that the BBC is under fairly constant attack these days. It’s easy to sound paranoid about this, but let’s be honest here, the right-leaning press doesn’t care for the BBC. Papers like the Daily Mail in particular find the existence of a publicly-funded broadcaster especially distasteful.

The good news is that the BBC is happy to call out the Daily Mail on its nonsense and use facts to clearly demonstrate that the paper is at best misrepresenting facts and at worse making up things that aren’t even true.

But the threat to the BBC is real. In a world where we have Netflix and Sky people are wondering why they’re forced to pay for the BBC. I still believe that we need the BBC in this country, but let’s take a look at some of the arguments against it, and why it’s important to keep the nation’s broadcaster.

Good article from T3. The Daily Mail, The Sun, The Telegraph, Sky and so many other organisations are so obviously controlled by the right and other publications such as The Mirror by the left. The fact is we need the BBC more now than we ever did and it really is not expensive at all. The only people I know who don’t like the BBC are the ones who say it is left-wing. It isn’t, it just isn’t right-wing enough for those who believe that if you do not have right-ring views, you must somehow be a left-wing loony. 

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