Windows 10

Recently I had a need to install Windows 10 for a freelance project and the process was incredibly frustrating. I tried on a Windows tablet and then on a Windows laptop, but each time it failed dismally and after a few hours I gave up. To be fair, this is a preview and so some issues are likely to be encountered, but it brought all of the Windows pain back to me that I do not have to worry about each day thanks to my iMac.

As a last resort, I decided to try the Parellels Desktop app and install it that way, and it worked perfectly. Within an hour, I had Windows 10 on my iMac without the need to reboot every time I need to use it. That, however, was far from the biggest surprise.

Initially I thought it was the novelty of something new, but after a couple of days I realised that Window on an iMac is actually rather impressive. Could it really be that just the hardware can make such a difference? My Mac is coming up to 4 years old now, but in comparison to the other Windows devices I have tried, it is way ahead in terms of pure user experience. It also helps a lot that all of the crap ware is not installed on the preview which finally lets me see what is below the surface.

Putting Windows on decent hardware without all of the nonsense that manufacturers need to install to turn a tiny profit makes a huge difference and I am starting to see it in a much more positive light. 

Of course I will not be turning away from Mac OS X any time soon, but this recent experience opened my eyes more than ever to what is wrong with Windows, and the OS itself is obviously not the problem.

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