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Apple Watch regrets

“It’s also (at least in my case) $700. Given how it looks and feels, and the technical accomplishments that go on inside that shell, is that the right price? I like it, but it’s not “hundreds of dollars” like. Maybe I’ll love next year’s model, or the 2017 edition — but I’ll likely be ill at ease to admit it, because I’ll still have the original Apple Watch, depreciated substantially. If anything is going to make smartwatches a mainstream thing, given what’s beating inside (and the HealthKit stuff, and Apple’s sheer influence when it comes to app developers), Apple will be the one to do it.

But it hasn’t yet — and I wish I hadn’t opened my wallet for this first effort. I expected that I’d be using it so much more than I am at the moment. The curse of a new product category, or an Apple product that I don’t need in my life? I’ll know one way or the other in the next six months. And if I change my mind, when I’m using Glances untold times a day, when the apps are perfectly attuned to a wearable, I’m willing to eat crow and tell you how it all changed…”

The above from engadget feels familiar. I don’t regret buying the Apple Watch because it has paid for itself with writing work. If, however, I had bought it because I was excited by it, I would feel pretty downhearted by now. Every time I put my normal watch on it feels like a considered and carefully created product. The Apple Watch, on the other hand, leaves me cold.

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